Friday, November 11, 2011


LEXINGTON, KY: Jim Koford's Benefit Auction is set to begin November 10 and run through December 15 on Facebook.

The preview of all auction items are available via the Facebook Page (!/pages/Jim-Koford-and-Rhett-fund-raiser/215956525092608) and also below. Bid in the comments.

We are delighted that the community has stepped up for Jim,” noted Shirley McQuillan. “This means so much to us, especially given the current economy. We have wonderful items donated from around the United States and from the different disciplines.”

The group hopes to raise at least $5,000, which would be seed money for the upcoming 2012 season.

We have an excellent shot at potentially sending one American-bred horse, Rhett (R. Johnson) to the Olympics and to Europe,” continues McQullian. “The pair embody American dressage, and the very best of what can be done through community efforts.”

Current auction items:
  • Koford Quilt:
  • Proof 21c Hotel Stay:
  • Gayla Driving Center B&B Stay:
  • 40 Fundamentals of English Writing Book:
  • Cindy Wolf Bronze Art
  • Cindy Wolf Earrings
  • Cindy Wolf Necklace
  • Lapis Amazonian Head Dress:
  • Kentucky Horse Farm Tour
  • Massage From Jenifer Oliver
  • Driving Lesson from Sterling D.B. Graburn
  • Betty Cooper Canvas Art

Monday, November 7, 2011


LEXINGTON, KY: Riding high off of a successful 2011, international rider and trainer JIM KOFORD is kicking off 2012 with the sound of a gavel as owners and friends put together a benefit auction November 10 to December 15, 2011 to raise awareness and funds for Koford's 2012 Olympic and World Championship bid.

“Jim is not only a fantastic rider, horsemen and trainer, but he's a great individual who deserves to represent America in Europe and in London,” states Shirley McQuillan, owner of Koford's American-bred international Grand Prix horse, RHETT. “The dedication is only matched by the community behind him.”

The auction features a variety of lots from an Amazon head dress, to bronze sculpture of Rhett as a foal by Cindy Wolf to lessons from FEI Driving Instructor Sterling DB Graburn, to a stay at the famous Louisville Proof 21C.

Perhaps the piece that hits closest to home is the beautiful Koford Quilt, hand patched and sewn by Koford's mother, Virginia.

“My mom, my entire family is wonderful in the way they've supported this journey, the quilt just reflects that” Koford said. “To have not only their support, but the support of the entire community is inspiring and it means a lot.”

The auction, which is hosted on Ebay, will be held November 10 through December 15, in time for holiday shopping. All proceeds will go directly to Koford to support his fund towards the Olympics.

Koford Dressage LLC is based out of Middleburg, VA, Lexington, KY and Wellington, FL. For details about the auction or donating items for future benefits please contact: Shirley McQuillan

Photo used with permission from Shelly Paulson Photography